When two perceived authorities stand on opposite sides of an issue

We are all angry at everything right now, and the gaming and streaming world is at the tip of the spear for many issues. The current justified outrage around SayNoToRage, BSK, Orange Justice, and other horrible people has opened everyone up to just being hurt and angry about everything.

So this brings us to memes. Specifically, in the Destiny 2 community the never-ending joke that Titans eat crayons. (Which we do. They taste wonderful.) …

It’s actually easier than ever.

Content creation for all its buzz worthiness is the only real way to connect with and cultivate a customer base anymore. Television ads that aren’t played during the Super Bowl are merely excuses to use the bathroom and get another beverage.

So how does the average Twitch or Mixer streamer with a few thousand followers, a modicum of YouTube subscribers, and a middle of the road Twitter following achieve the dream?

Teamwork makes the dream work

Start Your Own Marketing Company

There is a never-ending stream of individuals calling themselves creators, and they are chasing that sweet sponsorship money pot…

Image courtesy smu.edu.sg

Gamers jump from shiny thing to shiny thing in search of the next big game that can crush the esports landscape. The reality of that matter is humans can only accept change so fast. That’s why old games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Street Fighter still hold our attention after all this time.

Looking at recent moves by Blizzard it’s hard to ignore how they are consolidating around their most profitable and powerful titles. Combine this with the growing independent game development scene and we have a perfect formula for sustained nostalgia carrying us forward.

It seems counter-intuitive that…

Facebook Gaming has survived the streaming apocalypse that consumed Mixer in July 2020. Many streamers found homes on Facebook.

Then there is The Dunkleman who decided to make the jump from Twitch to Facebook Gaming. Ryan (last name withheld to protect his identity as well as the secret location from which he streams) dropped into streaming after college with all the advantages of having no kids or other attachments holding him back from doing absolutely anything.

He can usually be found hanging out inside a cold war era bunker playing Insurgency: Sandstorm, PUBG, Apex Legends, and sometimes Rainbow 6 Siege…

It’s the epic recap you need. Let’s put a pretty bow on this.

I just wrote the most viewed and discussed story of my esports writing career. It spawned the kind of chatter I always wanted. People debating my points amongst themselves in the comments section while I just sat back and watched.

Those conversations led me to this follow-up post, and, like the remix of an extended deep house track, it’s shorter yet still hits many of the high points of the original.

Fragmentation Is Real And Good And Wonderful

No one really took issue with my points here because they’re all true. What surprised me…

This is the ’90s tech bubble all over again

Esports had a rough day October 9, 2018. Echo Fox released a bunch of people. Optic Gaming parted ways with some people, and here we are living the ’90s all over again.

For those of you who have zero idea what it’s like to not have internet, there was a time when cell phones were bigger than a loaf of bread, and we dreamed of exactly what we have right now.

Our collective technology eyes were bigger than our stomachs because every sci-fi wet dream was about to come true. Until…

This is MikomiChan.

Follow MikomiChan on Twitter @OfficialMikomi

I don’t like writing about easy things. It’s the main reason I post so infrequently. If I’m not going to say something new or find a unique angle to a common thought process, I won’t waste time regurgitating clickbait.

That makes this series of stories about women in gaming fun and difficult all at once. I took a while getting this one done for various reasons. I had some irrational fear about the direction of this series. I wondered if I was actually doing something worthwhile. That’s not for me to decide in the end. …

A young lady fighting the fighting game cultural norms.

Nuggy and Joe

She stands all of five feet tall and 100 lbs or so (I didn’t ask for an exact number). She could be a kindergarten teacher (She dresses like one on stream sometimes.) And she competed at EVO 2018 as the hulking, green beast Blanka.

Her gamer tag is Nuggy Bunny. Why Nuggy Bunny? Her boyfriend Joe would call her his little nugget because of her diminutive stature. She embraced it and made her own calling herself a nuggy bunny. Like all good nicknames that make some sense, it stuck.

You can…

One year later I’m smarter, more connected, and all this with less hair.


One year ago I stepped into the Mandalay Bay Events Center wondering if I made the right decision getting to the esports world at age 45. I knew I could serve the industry well with my skills, but would I be welcome?

Absolutely and with open arms.

One year into my esports career and I have more new friends and connections than I know what to do with. Less than a month after returning home I started working for PayDayGG. …

I got a community strike. From an algorithm that couldn’t care less about the truth.

I make content for PayDayGG, and one of my favorite creative methods is the long-form interview. My most recent chat with Chris Alphenaar was blocked by the bots at YouTube because it was deemed inappropriate content.

After the recent events in the life of DoubleLift and his team’s subsequent NA LCS event win, I thought it a great story to chat with a Masters level therapist and expert on the human psyche about how people deal with tragedy and loss.

Chris and I never mentioned…

Bill Wagner

Esports lover and storyteller. I delete more than I publish. Streaming on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/billtheconquerer

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